Typical Bars & Restaurants in Sevilla, Spain

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While you're in Sevilla, treat your palate to a taste of genuine Andalucían cuisine in one of the city's many restaurantes. Take a seat out on Río Grande's terrace with views over the Guadalquivir River and the Torre del Oro for some of the finest seafood dining in Sevilla. Enrique Becerra serves up a great menu with tons of wonderful dishes featuring a variety of traditional homemade-style Andalucían recipes. Casa Robles, Restaurante Egaña Oriza, La Albahaca, and Bodegón Torre del Oro are a few more spots to hit up that serve up a tasty and typical Andalucían dining experience.

Río Grande
c/ Betis, 70

Enrique Becerra
c/ Gamazo, 2

Casa Robles
c/ Alvarez Quintero, 58

Restaurante Egaña Oriza
c/ San Fernando

La Albahaca
Plaza Santa Cruz, 7

Bodegón Torre del Oro
c/ Santander, 15