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keysWhilst Andalucia has long been a popular holiday destination, there is plenty of scope for investing in Sevilla property and it could be a smart move when we look at trends in the Spanish property market. Coastline cities of Marbella and Malaga are getting pricier as more and more foreign buyers move in, whilst inland destinations, like beautiful sunny Sevilla, have not received the same influx of investors or urbanisation. Investing in Sevilla real estate will pay off as prices are still relatively low but the city is fast becoming one of Spain's most popular destinations. Whether you are looking to make a permanent move or invest in a buy to rent property, Sevilla is the perfect place to do it.

If you have decided to invest in Sevilla property then check out the following list of reputable Sevilla Real Estate Agents, many of whom offer services in English. It is also worth reading up on the details of applying for a mortgage as a foreign buyer - visit our European Mortgage page for more information.

Real Estate Agents in Sevilla, Spain

Don Piso
Glorieta Gustavo Bacorisas 4, Local 3, Sevilla 41010
Tel: +34 954286156

Fincas Corral
Afan de Ribera 117, Sevilla
Tel: +34 954934508

Images of Andalucía
C/Blas Infante 36, Villanueva del Rosario 29312, Malaga
Tel: +34 952742501

Sevilla Inmo
Online Sevilla Property search engine

Avenida Alfonso Lasso de la Vega 23, Sevilla
Tel: +34 954091972

C/San Vicente de Paul 13
Tel: +34 954335556