Why Visit Sevilla, Spain

Top 10 Reasons to Travel to Sevilla

1) Spring in Sevilla
As the cooler winter weather gives way to the warm months of spring, delighted travelers and locals alike find Sevilla in all its glory. sevilla cathedralThe orange trees lining the city's squares and cobblestone streets bloom and fill the air with the scent of orange blossoms, cafés set tables and chairs outside again, and the talk of the town once again turns to world-famous celebrations of Semana Santa and Feria de Abril.

2) Cathedral
Built between 1402 and 1506, Sevilla's spectacular gothic cathedral is the biggest- although the English and the Italians will argue otherwise- cathedral in the world. Its highlight, La Giralda, is a soaring bell tower still boasting the elaborate architecture and decoration typical of its Moorish roots. Since this former minaret of a mosque that once occupied the site was spared destruction, today visitors can still venture up the series of ramps for an unbeatable panorama of Sevilla.

3) Vibe
On paper it is one of Spain's most important cities, but in laid-back Sevilla you won't find the hustle and bustle that tends to dominate major urban centerse. The notoriously friendly 700,000 people living within the city limits are known to enjoy life to the fullest, which results in an infectuously happy, carefree, and open atmosphere. In fact, if you ask a sevillano for directions, don't be surprised if he physically brings you to your destination, engaging all the way in a full conversation- regardless of whether or not you understand him!

alcazar4) Alcazar
Attracting travellers from near and far, Sevilla has long been a preferred destination of not only camera-toting tourists but also of Spanish monarchs. The king known as Pedro the Cruel was so fond of the city that he wanted to live and rule his kingdom from it, resulting in a total revamping of a 10th century Moorish fortess, converting it into a sprawling palace fit for – what else – a king. With its intricate designs and elaborate architectural forms, this impressive and original example of the Mudéjar style is not to be missed.

5) Flamenco
There is a reason why thoughts of flamenco inevitably evoke images of Spain's most romantic city. Ranging from impromptu guitar jams in hidden bars to huge choreographed theater shows, Sevilla is the place to go to see the Andalucían passion come to life through song, dance, and guitar.

6) Tapas
Any sevillano will proudly and stubbornly maintain that the gastronomic art of tapas had its humble beginnings in Sevilla. Over 1000 tapas bars in Sevilla serve a variety of dishes from which to picar (try), ranging from ham to vegetables to fried fish.

7) Architecture
sevilla cathedralSevilla's long and complex history is physically laid out before youthrough its stunning architecture. A unique melting pot of cultures and epochs have one-by-one left their mark on Sevilla, as you will easily see while exploring all of its fascinating nooks and crannies.

8) Fine Arts Museum
Amongst the many museums that mark Sevilla as one of Spain's cultural centers, the Fine Arts Museum is an absolute gem. Housed in a 13th century former convent, the city's fine arts museum boasts an impressive collection of priceless works from a plethora of famous artists.

9) Nightlife
Whether you're in the mood to just hang out and chat at a terrace café, check out live music, stay out dancing in Sevilla's night clubs until the hour when most people go to work, or any combination of the three, the nightlife in Sevilla does not disappoint. So get yourself out in the midst of it all – that is if you can keep up with the sevillanos.

10) Shopping
Spaniards - especially the women - love their fashion. Naturally you can imagine that Sevilla, like many Spanish cities, is a shopper's paradise. Between the lively weekend markets and the mazes of pedestrian streets filled with a wide range of shops, your thirst for great shopping will not go unquenched.