Trip to Itálica from Sevilla, Spain


Immerse yourself in the Roman city of Itálica's illustrious past amongst the houses and buildings, the Roman baths, the enormous surviving amphitheater, and the over twenty intricate mosaics that lie amongst the uncovered Roman ruins.

Surpassed only by Alexandria and Rome, Itálica was the third largest city of the expansive Roman world and the very first Roman settlement in Spain. Founded in 206 B.C. for the veterans of Rome's military victory over the forces of Carthage, the population of this once affluent and marble-laden city grew at one point to over a half million and was even the birthplace of two Roman emperors. The later emergence of Sevilla – at this point called Hispalis by the ruling Visigoths - as the region's preferred city eventually prompted Itálica's decline and eventual abandonment.italica amphitheater

Itálica is extremely easy to get to from Sevilla's Plaza de Armas station, with buses frequently running the quick 20 minute route between the two historic cities.