International Restaurants in Sevilla, Spain

If you've got a craving for Japanese sashimi or Italian pizza while you're in Sevilla, fret not. Mixed into the city's plethora of Spanish restaurants is a great international scene. sushiTo sample some delicious couscous along with other Moroccan dishes, As-Sawïra offers up the best from Spain's neighbor to the south. For Japanese cuisine, Restaurante Japonés Samurai and Kaede (situated behind the Hotel Alfonso XIII) simply cannot be beat. Italian pasta, pizzas, and desserts make their Sevillano home at the restaurant chain San Marco, the best of which is the one on the centro's Calle de la Cuna, will leave you satisfied, and Hellas will wow you with its scrumptious Greek dishes.

c/ Galera, 5

Restaurante Japonés Samurai
c/ Salado, 6

c/ San Fernando 2

San Marco
c/ Cuna

c/ Gonzalo Bilbao, 26