Marí­a Luisa, culture Sevilla

maría luisa park

The district surrounding the lush María Luisa park really blossomed in the years leading up to the highly anticipated 1929 Latin-American Exposition. Two centuries of economic decline met its end with the tourism boom sparked by the event, and Sevilla wanted to be ready for it. The park and the beautiful buildings within and surrounding it complemented the older buildings already in the area.

These buildings have since turned this area into a main center for Sevilla’s culture. Between the fascinating museums and world-renowned theaters, much of the Sevilla culture scene is found here in and around María Luisa.

Where to experience Sevilla culture in María Luisa:

-Museo Arqueológico
-Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares

-Teatro Lope de Vega

-Ancient Music Festival; March- Lope de Vega Theater