Arts Festivals in Sevilla, Spain

jazz music

Already packed with celebrations throughout the year, Sevilla's cultural calendar boasts an additional myriad of arts festivals that feature dance, music and more. No matter what time of the year you're visiting Sevilla, your trip is sure to coincide with a cultural event. Here's just a few!

Jazz Festival
Where: Maestranza Theater
When: February-March

Ancient Music Festival
Where: Lope de Vega Theater, Alcázar Gardens
When: March

Festival of New Spanish Music
Where: University Polytechnic School
When: March

International Festival of Movie Soundtracks
Where: Maestranza Theater
When: May

Spring Festival
Where: Maestranza Bullring
When: June

Itálica Dance Festival
Where: Maestranza Theater
When: July-August

Open-Air Opera Festival
Where: Auditorium of La Cartuja
When: September

Flamenco Biennial
Where: Alcázar, Lope de Vega Theater, Centro Theater, Alameda Theater, etc.
When: September-October