Night Clubs in Sevilla, Spain

In order to maintain its reputation as a city of wild nightlife, Sevilla boasts a wide spread of open-until-dawn discotecas that will keep you dancing well into the wee hours of the night. For straight techno, Bestiario certainly knows how to do it up right, while Boss is famous for its great house music. nightclubFor mixed genres, the often live music will have you dancing up a storm at the popular – and appropriately named - Fun Club, and Catedral is a smaller, stylish disco with anything from techno to soul popping up on the playlist. Finally, the pirate-themed El Dóblon plays a lot of Spanish pop music and is great for practicing your Spanish, as it attracts a primarily Spanish crowd.

c/ Zaragoza

c/ Betis, 67

Fun Club
Alameda de Hércules, 86

c/ Cuesta del Rosario

El Doblón
c/ Felipe II, 4