Triana culture Sevilla


Loosely taking its name from the Roman Emperor Trajan, this barrio started out as a Roman colony and later became part of Sevilla- undergoing all these changes without ever losing its own characteristic personality. Since those early Roman days, Triana has been notorious for producing the greatest bullfighters, the most passionate flamenco, and the most beautiful hand-made ceramics.

Traditionally Sevilla’s working class and gypsy quarter, its lasting atmosphere has a grittier, down-to-earth vibe that makes you feel like you’re right in the heart and soul of Sevilla culture. You can find some of the best tapas bars here, the most genuine flamenco venues, and a slew of other interesting little finds like the Museo de Carruajes, which celebrates the history of another of Sevilla culture’s emblems: the horse-drawn carriage!

Where to experience Sevilla culture in Triana:

-Museo de Carruajes

Movie Theaters
-Cines Corona Center (original version)

Flamenco Venues
-El Simpecao
-Café Bar La Sonanta
-La Taberna