Hotels in Sevilla, Spain

Where to Look:
Sevilla, as a major Spanish destination, has almost as many hotels and hostels as it does bars and churches. Having so many options can turn out to be overwhelming, so the best way to go about it is to decide what type of accommodations you want and thenpick out whereabouts in the city you'd like to stay and go from there!

santa cruz

Sevilla's old quarter, Santa Cruz, is probably the most popular neighborhood to stay in. Picturesque and romantic, the cobbled streets and quaint atmosphere of Santa Cruz attract tourists who not only want to visit it, but also want to stay in it. As a popular tourist area, budget hostels rub shoulders with luxurious hotels- often converted mansions and townhouses. Apart from the historical and cultural perspectives, another big plus is that Sevilla's major tourist attractions are within just a five minute walk.

Sevilla is a major city and yet nothing is far away. Therefore, if you venture outside of Santa Cruz and El Centro, you can find less expensive accommodations that are still not far from everything you want to see.

Less touristy neighborhoods like Triana and La Macarena have accommodations that boast the same quality but are often more affordable due to their displacement from the center. Modern hotels can be found in, not surprisingly, the newer sections of the city such as around the Plaza de Armas train station.