Airport in Sevilla, Spain


Located 12 kilometers from the city's center, the Aeropuerto de San Pablo is Sevilla's main airport. The principal operating airline is Iberia, which runs numerous flights each week between Sevilla and an extensive list of destinations throughout Spain and Europe.

To bridge those 12 kilometers separating the airport from the city, you have two viable options. Just outside of the airport's exit there is a constant fleet of taxis who will deliver you to wherever you need to go; a normal taxi ride between the airport and city locales should cost you 20-30 euros. If you're travelling lightly, the other option is to catch a bus for just a few euros run by a company called Amarillos Tour. During the week this bus, which has stops at the airport and then at various points throughout Sevilla, runs once every half hour and decreases to once every hour on weekends and holidays.