Los Remedios, culture Sevilla

As a business turned residential neighborhood, Los Remedios offers tons of great shopping but is otherwise pretty low-key- that is until the Feria de Abril whose expansive grounds lay on its periphery.

la cartuja

Art aficionados will find themselves delighted in the former monastery Santa María de las Cuevas, as it now houses the Contemporary Art Museum. Constantly rotating exhibits feature 20th century painting, photography, and sculpture allow you to come back time and time again to new surprises. The rest of the ’92 Expo grounds are home to the theme park, theaters, major entertainment venues and a constant stream of concerts and cultural festivals.

Where to experience Sevilla culture in Los Remedios and La Cartuja & Expo ’92:

-Contemporary Art Museum

Concert Venues
-El Palenque
-Auditorio de la Cartuja

-Teatro Central

-Feria de Abril
-Open-Air Opera Festival; September- Auditorium of La Cartuja