Bullfights in Sevilla, Spain

If you find yourself in Sevilla between April and October, venture through the gates of the famous Maestranza bullring for an exhilarating corrida (bullfight). maestranza bullringAs the second most important venue in Spain after Madrid's Las Ventas, the historical Maestranza welcomes the world's top toreros (bullfighters) and has seen some of the best bullfights.

Bullfighting Museum
As one of Spain's most important, famous, and beautiful bullfighting venues, the grandiose Maestranza bullring pays homage to the controversial sport and its history through the memorabilia housed in its Museo Taurino. The museum features old posters, photographs, paintings, mounted bull heads, scarlet-red capes, and of course the spectacular trajes de luces that the bullfighters wear.